Zafiro offers beachfront and sea view luxury sites and a collection of high-end home designs at the East Cape area near San Jose del Cabo.

Strong geometric lines and a harmony of indoor and outdoor spaces inspire a unique lifestyle. Capturing natural light that changes throughout the day, and cool sensuous sea breezes, these designs breathe life into your home day and night.

Zafiro translates to Saphhire in English. Zafiro Homes at East Cape catch the essence of these sparkling azure gems. With a never-ending expanse of the Sea of Cortez at your doorstep, you will be dazzled and captivated by the radiance of this jewel. The endless ribbon of white sand beach is allure for a solitary walk along this seashore, only your own footsteps to lead back to your personal paradise.

Zafiro’s contemporary designs with tall ceilings, generously proportioned floor plans, walls of glass, big open courtyards, large terraces and spacious decks, private pools and hot tubs, are created with grandeur and intimacy, with freedom to roam and comfortable areas to gather.

The inspiring use of water in entryways and under footbridges leading to your living area welcomes you to a peace and tranquility you look forward to in the comfort of your villa by the sea. From travertine stone floors to granite or tiled kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls, high ceilings of up to 11’6″, floor-to-ceiling windows with sun protection for rooms facing the Sea of Cortez, and solid wood floors and cabinets, every detail has been chosen for its outstanding quality.

At Zafiro you’ll not be surprised to find that you share your home with a wealth of marine life that have chosen the East Cape as home, too. Precious turtles nest along the deserted sandy beaches, and every year from January through March, nine species of massive gray whales come to the warm lagoons of the Sea of Cortez to give birth to their calves. Eight hundred varieties of fish in the waters around the Punta Arena lighthouse include world-famous blue marlin, Dorado, yellow fin tuna, snapper, Wahoo, and dozens of other trophy fish. In the water jungle of the only living coral reef on the west coast of North America, the nearby Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, baptized by Jacques Cousteau as the “Aquarium of the World” abounds with sea creatures. There, the brilliant colors of darting angelfish, damselfish and parrotfish, and deeper within the reef, leatherback turtles, moray eels, bat rays, sponges and sea lions appear, and occasionally hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays, and the mysterious whale sharks swim in silence.