Puerta Mexia

Great snorkeling from this beautiful and private beach. Beachfront property 

Views out across the Cerralvo Channel.

Mexico Real Estate 

The cove has coral formations that make snorkeling a great experience.

160 acres of beachfront property near La Paz, Baja

Tranquil and private white sand beach
and half-moon cove with four homes, watchman’s house and boathouse

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Property map

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Aerial view

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Half moon cove.

This house has a beautiful rock terrace overlooking the cove.

Baja beach houseEach side of the cove has two houses.

Sea of Cortez views.

All parts of the property have ocean views.

Shelling beach

The beach is a great place for shell collecting.

Secluded beach propertyFor nearly 20 years, the five partners who own this secluded and private Baja beachfront property have enjoyed the afternoon breezes and expansive views of the neighboring islands. Now they’re ready to pass this tranquil spot on to someone else. 

Known as Puerto Mexia, this property is 17 miles from La Paz, Baja, and has 650 meters of beachfront with two arroyos that drop down to a gorgeous half-moon, white-sand beach. Views are south to Isla Cerralvo and Las Cruces and north to Punta Coyote and Isla Espiritu Santo.

An unused dirt air strip suitable for small planes could be reactivated with some basic maintainenance. Buildings on the property include four houses comfortably placed on both sides of the cove :

  • Beach House 1: Two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, living-dining room, large terrace, cement roof and storage shed.
  • Beach House 2: One large bedroom, sleeping porch, two baths, kitchen, living-dining room, large terrace, corrugated asbestos roof, storage shed.
  • Beach House 3: Two bedroom, two baths, kitchen, plumbed for potable water, living-dining room, large terrace, corrugated asbestos roof, storage shed.
  • Beach House 4: Large living-dining-kitchen room, one bath, wraparound porch, separate sleeping house with bathroom, both thatched roof.
  • Boat House: Thatched roof with room for two boats and enclosed storage area.
  • Watchman’s house: Three rooms with a cement roof.

The water system includes two wells with gasoline powered pumps and two water storage tanks for gravity feed water for showers, toilets and dishwashing.

The partners are selling because most of them have not been able to spend much time there. This property now offered at $5 million USD.